The Toy Box Killer Terrified Victims Before He Satisfied His Heinous Compulsion


The Toy Box Killer, David Parker Ray, was the primary suspect in the brutal slaying of sixty women. Though his five-decade killing spree in New Mexico was cut short by a heart attack, the details of his macabre exploits describe a unique personal world of terror. These details make his story truly horrifying.


Extravagant Torture


The Toy Box Killer amassed an elaborate home dungeon used to torment his victims. This murderous investment was valued at more than $100,000.


An Artist’s Eye


Many of Ray’s victims were photographed next to amazing scenic desert landscapes. Perhaps a red sunset inspired the presence of blood.  Some of the most disturbing serial killer pictures ever taken.


An Architect’s Eye


The Toy Box Killer drew and cataloged detailed plans of his next killing. Many of these drawings and plans resemble building schematics.


Audio Evidence


Ray always recorded the screams and petitions of his victims. It’s evident they didn’t haunt him, but encouraged him to kill more.


Tools of the Trade


In the Toy Box Killer’s home devices like BDSM leg spreaders and yolks were discovered. It seems no victim escaped the role of being a sexual object.


Torture Training


The victims of the Toy Box Killer were strapped supinated to a table and made to listen to terrifying audio tapes detailing instructions on how they were to be tortured.


Don’t Come Forward


A few of Ray’s victims were scheduled to make depositions in court regarding their experiences with this killer. They died mysteriously before their testimonies could be heard.


Animal Involvement


One of the recorded threats conveyed to the Toy Box Killer’s victims was the assurance of being violated by pet dogs.


Trusted Figure


Parker Ray worked as a New Mexico Parks and Recreation Department official, and scoped-out many of his victims while on the job.


Advanced Techniques


The Toy Box Killer routinely used drugging and hypnosis as a way to lull victims into compliance.


An Early Start


The Toy Box Killer first experimented with sadomasochism as a teenager by tying a woman to a tree and torturing her.


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