Why Betsy DeVos and Her Family Are So Passionate With Private School Funding

Betsy DeVos is a very opinionated woman. She’s the perfect antithesis of political correctness. Her first exposure to politics came during her college days. Upon graduation, she grew more emboldened and ventured into mainstream national politics. The media refers to her as a staunch reformer with radical ties to the Republican Party.

Mrs. DeVos and the husband, Dick, own numerous companies dealing in technology, clean energy, manufacturing and even sports. The couple is originally from the Michigan area, and they have secured themselves a name on the philanthropy hall of fame. Reason being, they keep on splashing millions of dollars to courses and activities dear to their hearts.

The Devos Family Foundation

Speaking in an interview, Betsy expressed her optimism on what she’d been able to enforce on the private school voucher programs. For one, the programs now support 25K plus students in the following states Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Columbia District and Louisiana. Expansion plans are slated to target new states namely, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and Indiana. Despite the criticisms, the vouchers are an instant hit with minorities as well.

Visit dbdvfoundation.org to know more about their foundation.

The Problem is identified

The billionaire daughter in law to Charles Amway of Amway Technologies has remained passionate about the educational sector in America, most of her adult life. That in itself is grounds enough to declare that the loving mother of four will succeed in breathing life to the aged American education system. Her obsession with private school voucher funding programs started one Sunday afternoon as she and the husband, Dick, visited the Potters House Private Christian School. What they saw that day, thirty years ago, stayed with them forever. The poor parents showed up without even a morsel of bread to give to their children. The Devoses still continue to donate to the school to this exact date.

A Solution is Found

In 1993, Michigan became the first ever state to introduce and pass the Charter School Bill. The couple’s influence played a vital role in this development. Betsy currently serves as a board member in close to a dozen registered philanthropic organizations. These include the American Federation for Children (AFC) founded by Dick DeVos and the now departed John Walton.

Cost of Partisan Politics

Betsy’s best accomplishment has been the integration of the pro-choice programs in Florida. The interview sums up with Betsy DeVos urging Democrats to refrain from engaging in petty partisan politics especially when dealing with the sensitive issue of education.

Meet Betsy DeVos

Betsy is an accomplished industrialist with a big heart for charity. She is the current Secretary of Education of the U.S.A. For six years, Betsy served as the Michigan Republican Party Chair-lady. Her political career spans back 35 years. Mrs. DeVos attended the Holland Christian High School. Later, she enrolled at the Calvin College for her BA. She’s married with four kids and five grandkids.

Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com.

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