Brian Bonar:Over 4 Decades Of Business Excellence

Internationally known businessman Brian Bonar recently began investing in the restaurant industry in San Diego, California. And according to the reviews, he’s off to a flying start. Bonar is now the owner of Bellamy’s, a restaurant that has instantly become destination dining for people that appreciate quality French food.

The major attraction at Bellamy’s is the delectable dishes of chief chef Patrick Pontasy. One of the few chefs that has earned the title ‘Master Chef of France’, Pontasy has people beating a path to the door of Bellamy’s to sample his amazing cuisine.

Following quickly on the heels of the success of Bellamy’s, Brian Bonar is opening an even grander restaurant in San Diego. Set on 144 grassy acres and boasting a working farm and a top quality event space, The Ranch at Brandy Canyon has people waiting with bated breath to see what the magical pairing or owner Brian Bonar and Chef Patrick Pontasy are going to offer.

This new project has created a great deal of excitement and promises to attract food lovers from all over the United States. It’s yet another example of the visionary work of long-time business executive Brian Bonar.

When the Who’s Who at Cambridge named Brian Bonar their ‘Executive of the Year’ in 2016, no one was surprised. For more than 40 years Brian Bonar has been known for business excellence. In Europe his work is so well respected, he was given the honorary title of Lord Brian Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales.

Bonar began his business career with IBM in Europe and has since gone on to form business alliances with companies in Japan, Korea, the Czech Republic, Mexico and throughout the United States. He has had spectacular success in a wide range of industries.

A talented individual and visionary leader, Brian Bonar is widely praised for his professional achievements, executive experience, ability and solid academic background. He has a BSC in mechanical engineering, an MBA and a doctorate in International Business Development.

Bonar has used his education, training, natural talent and vast experience to create a successful business career that has improved the fortunes of countless people on 4 continents.

Brian Bonar has held leadership positions and enjoyed unprecedented success creating and working with companies involved in outsourcing, staffing, engineering, PEO and ASO services, call centers, financial services, health insurance, workers compensation, printing technology, transportation and many others.

Through it all he finds time to give back to the community by volunteering with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego and other charitable organizations.


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