Securus Technologies – Providing Detainee Communications, Government Information and Parolee Tracking Services

Securus Technologies provides criminal justice technology and leading edge local solutions that modernize the incarceration experience and improve the public safety. Thousands of agencies within the law enforcement, public safety and corrections sectors depend on Securus for robust, simple and secure technology services that are easy to use and always accessible.


The company has hundreds of patents and several designers, technologists, engineers, and thinkers, who bring innovative solutions; hence the technology is among the best in the world. Securus is dedicated to remaining the leading supplier of high-tech software solutions by offering the best services and products of highest quality that meet clients’ needs.


Securus links friends and families to those imprisoned, correctional facility personnel to relevant information, inmates to technology, emergency dispatchers to responders and provides means towards investigative leads. The company is dedicated to connect and serve by offering emergency response, public information, incident management, monitoring products & services, inmate self-service, data management, communication, verification, and investigation with the objective of making the world a better and safe place to live.



Securus Technologies headquarter is in Dallas, Texas and provides services to over 3,400 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies in addition to more than 1.2 million inmates along North America. The company is different with other organizations with its services being superior, modern and continuously upgraded to serve all the customers equally. Securus has collective intelligence from over 2,200 agencies. It is also the biggest facility communications supplier and the only whole spectrum solutions provider within the industry. Its services and products provide unique and full criminal lifecycle solutions such as post-incarceration monitoring and pre-incarceration incident management. Securus is committed to innovation with industry-leading R&D investment and possesses over 140 patents.


Securus Technologies was started in 1986, with its central base in Dallas, TX and regional offices situated in Atlanta, GA, Allen, TX and Carrollton, TX. It has 30 years of experience in providing services to the corrections industry. There are technical support team and customer call center that operate 24/7 in the whole year. Securus is the number one innovator in the sector with about 1,300 associates nationwide and an average of 150 field services team individuals situated in proximity to the company’s facility. The Secure Call Platform (SCP) is the spearheading platform in the area with over 2,200 installations, and at least $19 million in cash is being reinvested back into the company every year.


The company’s facility has enabled preventing and solving crimes by using the Securus services where some clients have been able to obtain a warrant for corrupt staff members. Calls are also monitored that contain sensitive information such as inmate alcohol use, selling drugs in the facility, threats, suspicious conversation about funds being transferred, possible utilization of cellular devices, post incidents of shots getting fired and civilians admitting to selling prescription drugs at discount prices.


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