Jim Tananbaum Talks About His Business Strategies

Jim says that when he looks back at the partnerships of the past decade, he finds that most of them were not in line with the models of their times. They were only in line with the beat of their own drummer. He posits that if he were to start again, he would focus on enhancing his business concepts based on what was ideal for the growth of his company. Jim Tananbaum goes on to contend that he would be less accepting to repeating how businesses have been done. The executive asserts that entrepreneurship is about convention but not disruption.

Tananbaum says that healthcare-investing is changing at a fast pace. It is for this reason that he focuses on thinking critically about the Business Wire trends and direction of the same. In addition, he looks for ideal people who can synergize with his vast organizational expertise when the opportunity comes. Jim posits that he loves taking risks, particularly in situations where he has spent much of his time in comprehending the same. The executive contends that when he spends more time on due diligence of a given investment project, he is likely to make multiple returns than incurring losses.

Tananbaum says that most investors believe that the biggest sin is to make risky investments and lose capital. However, he states that the biggest mistake is to avoid investing in large companies because of the fear of making loses. He goes on to posit that it is easy for one to lose money in the business that he or she has not studied thoroughly. Jim contends that the best entrepreneurs and investors are optimistic and diligent while the worst are lazy and optimistic. He also asserts that pessimists cannot be categorized as entrepreneurs.

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About Jim Tananbaum

Besides having being a student of prestigious institutions, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, he has served on the President Advisory Counsel of Yale University. He has also rendered his services on the advisory boards of the Harvard-MIT HST program.

According to pelotontherapeutics.com, Tananbaum contends that he established Foresite Capital Management with the objective of working closely with academicians and entrepreneurs in using innovation to enhance scientific discoveries. Jim has succeeded in providing healthcare companies with adequate capital and information for purposes of augmenting the growth of their businesses. Source: plus.google.com

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