Mike Baur Ditched Great Passion To Help Startups

The entrepreneur and businessman Mike Baur has lived an impressive and inspiring life. He spent his childhood in Freiburg, Switzerland and attended two institutions: Bern University & University of Rochester where he pursued business degrees. His banking profession started at the time he was only 16 years of age, as showed by Wall Street Journal. While in 1991, the young financial expert partnered with the Union Bank of Switzerland. It is just a couple of individuals who started their first career as Mike did. A procuring executive immediately elucidated how he looked forward to proceeding with the UBS profession. He recorded each step of advancement that Mike would get before resigning. Despite that, Mike did not proceed with the financial dream but pursued his dream of helping young entrepreneurs grow.

Financial Sector

Mike continued working for UBS in the 1990s until his promotion before reaching 30 years. The talented business person has been giving monetary guidance to various new business people in Switzerland including some of the greatest business men in the country. Despite his flourishing at the association, Mike quit offering administrations to UBS in the year 2008 and joined hands with Zurich office in another bank Clariden Leu. With the firm, Mike held a key position for an average of six years. Despite reaping key remunerations, the wealth management expert decided to do something of his dream in 2014. One of the issues that made Mike get less interested in the banking sector is the manner in which bankers needed to devote most of their time and effort in the sector. More so, the post-retreat financial circumstance had altered the sector and made it less appealing. His time to follow his dream and knocked the door and started his organization which he currently uses to help potential new businesses of today’s world.


To satisfy his dream of helping innovative new proprietors in the business, Mike built up an association known as Swiss Startup Factory which he launched in 2014. He united with Max Meister, another potential graduate of Bern University. The incubation center program enables Swiss business individuals by offering coaching and training to organizations. In like-manner, it gives financial support to new ventures. Also, the new organizations reap extra benefits from rent-free facilities within the Switzerland’s greatest city. Each new businessman gets three months time of assistance. Members of the new companies through that program figure out how to showcase their products and services around the world.


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