Alexandre Gama Is A Top-Notch Advertiser

     Alexandre Gama is a big name in Brazil’s advertising circles. Without him being present over the past three-plus decades – not just being present, but failing to pioneer the world of advertising like he’s done with Brazil over the past decades, ever since he started in the industry.

Mr. Gama first earned a college degree to better acclimate himself to the field of advertising and communicating with others on the massive level.

Alexandre Gama is arguably best known for a Johnnie Walker campaign for its whiskey in the past ten years, which helped grow the brand exponentially in Brazil.

Mr. Gama founded his very own advertising agency called Neogama nearly 20 years ago, a company he still is the head of today. Although he divested the prized possession several years ago, the agreement period ran out with the organization that was slated to purchase it.

He also holds stock in the Briggs Automotive Company, as he closely identifies with fast, good-handling sports cars.

Gama has brought home more than 20 Golden Lions home from the Cannes Film Festival for different things he’s done in making commercials and otherwise being one of the best commercial and campaign creators the entire nation has to offer.