Waiakea Water Changes the Face of Manufacturing in its Efforts to Preserve the Environment

A recent online article highlighted the differences between the Waiakea brand of bottled water and other brands. One of the main differences that set the Waiakea brand apart from all the rest, is the company’s dedication to helping preserve the environment. They accomplish this by using natural volcanic water that is sourced on the big island of Hawaii. Waiakea water is filtered naturally through an underground system of volcanic rock, which not only gives it a distinctive taste, but also eliminates the company’s need to process it any further.

In their continuing efforts to help preserve the ecosystems on the planet, the Waiakea brand of water is bottled at a facility designed to run in a more efficient manner. This process allows the company to use a fraction of the amount of water required for operation. It also allows them to cut back on the amount of carbon released into the air. The process used to bottle Waiakea water is streamlined to use as much as 85 percent less energy.

The water captured for the Waiakea brand comes from a renewable resource. This means the surrounding environment is capable of sustaining the natural ecosystems found there. The water for this brand starts out as the rain and snow that falls on a region of Hawaii that is home to the Mauna Loa volcano. It ends up seeping into the ground where it also becomes enhanced with natural minerals such as silica, potassium and magnesium. The natural filtration process for this water also gives it a pH level that is more in line with the body’s own levels.

Although Waiakea water has always been placed inside RPET bottles, the company’s bottling process will soon be undergoing a change. As part of their ongoing effort to preserve the planet’s natural environments, they will be changing to bottles made of a new fully degradable plastic. This plastic is designed to break down quicker so its lifespan will actually reduce its carbon footprint by a whopping 65 percent. Founder Ryan Emmons is proud to stand behind his socially conscious brand as it continues to change the face of manufacturing.