James Larkin and his career Journey

Also known as Jim Larkin, James Larkin was born to Irish parents on January 1876 and later passed away in 1947. He was known as a stout Irish trade union leader and also a socialist activist. Jim Larkin was born and raised up in Liverpool, England but went to live in a tiny cottage that was situated in Burren, Southern County Down. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

Since Larkin was raised in a family of humble beginnings, he was not able to have a lot of formal education but was always a naturally genius child. At a very young age, Jim Larkin joined employment so as to support himself and also his family.

He once worked as a sailor and a docker. Jim Larkin became a full-time trade union organizer in 1905 after he realized how workers were denied their rights. He went to Belfast in 1907 and started the Irish Transport and General Workers Union

Jim Larkin is also the founder of the Workers Union of Ireland and the Irish labor party. Throughout his life, he was always committed to fighting for the rights of workers and ensuring that they got well compensated for their work and good working environments. He earned a reputation when he participated in the Dublin Lockout which took place in 1913.

James Larkin joined the independent Labor party after he got the passion and interest for socialism. In 1905, James was among the foremen who participated in the Liverpool docks and was elected to participate in the strike committee.

James Larkin successfully campaigned against the Chinese immigration and also presented it as a threat of undercutting the workers. For all the organizations that Jim Larkin managed to get involved with, he managed to leave a big mark and a huge success. He has been an inspiration to many activists in his country and all over the world.