Ronald Fowlkes is the manager of business development of law enforcement and commercial products at the Eagle Industries Unlimited. This leader’s role at the company entails training of sales personnel, selecting products for sale and development and creating awareness to American consumers. He joined the company in 2008, after a long and illustrious career in the law enforcement and military front.


Ronald Fowlkes Career

However, Ronald Fowlkes has had a long and illustrious career in law enforcement. This includes working with the Metropolitan Police in St. Louis where he worked for ten years. He also spent three years working for the County Police in St. Louis.The law enforcer got the chance of working for the United States Army under JIEDDO as a Defense Contractor. In addition to this, Mr. Fowlkes is a veteran of the initial Gulf War in Iraq. While in Iraq he served in the U.S Marine Corps where he was recognized for his outstanding job and he was able to rise among the ranks twice. While working for JIEDDO in Iraq, the defense contractor played many roles which include dismounted and mounted infantry procedures in a war zone. Other functions that he carried out include instructing the American military staff on various crucial matters. These include; collecting evidence, tactical operations, strategic questioning of captured and detained persons, rescuing of hostages and CQB, and analyzing a scene after a blast.


Moreover, Ronald Fowlkes has also been a part of the Metropolitan’s HRT Team in St.Louis. In 2003, Mr.Fowlkes was appointed as a team leader of the department. This role ensured that he handled important issues such as hostage situations, barricaded subjects and high-risk situations, among others. The law enforcer is also a certified instructor and he got to train his unit in crucial matters such as defensive tactics, SWAT and URBAN warfare tactics, tactical rifle and shoot house. In addition to these roles, Fowlkes HRT team was in charge of gang-related investigations, drug trafficking, civil disobedience, illegal weapons trafficking and a response team.


Ronald Fowlkes Education:

Ronald Fowlkes has had the opportunity of attending various military-related courses. These courses include training for marine combat at the Marine Corps School of Infantry while here he also did a basic course in engineering. Mr. Fowlkes did a basic course at the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. This led him to serve in ANGLICO which prompted him to carry out important operations which are related to parachute procedures in the small unit. These include; air and naval gunfire operations through various non-encrypted and encrypted radios, reconnaissance, using a laser designator among others. He attended the Army Parachute School where he attained an advanced parachute insignia from the navy-marine corps. The army veteran also attended the NSWF Combat Diver School.

In addition to this, Ronald Fowlkes also runs a blog called where he publishes informative sports articles.