End Citizens United; Fighting Political Indecency

End Citizens United is a political action group, you could call it a committee of people with like political views, funded from the grassroots across the US. The organization constitutes an in-house finance team to spearhead fundraising. We all know that since the Supreme Court ruling of 2010 in a case pitting Citizens United versus FEC, the scales tipped in favor of the billionaires club. Now, anything goes in politics. The billionaire financiers can spend on whoever they like. The politicians can run campaigns from accounts that are unaccounted for. There is no limit as to the amount these suspect interest groups can spend. They have no legal obligation to disclose all their sources anymore. So if you are not in this campaign, you are on your own.

The Mission

End Citizens United was formed to counter the possible onslaught by the rich on the politics of the United States. The committee seeks to identify people of integrity and endorse them to run for the various political posts across the country. The group, like the name suggests, seeks to restore sanity, transparency, and integrity in American politics. It is no longer business as usual. The temptation to give leadership to the highest bidder must be resisted. End Citizens United leads by example. The political caucus will make sure that the candidates endorsed for the various political posts are true champions against politics for sale. It should be noted that the primary objective of the group is to end the flow of big money in politics in the US. Big cash compromises the values of the county’s citizens. In summary, the political action committee seeks to overturn the ruling made by the Supreme Court in 2010 against the Federal Election commission.

The End Citizens United Team

The group is headed by Tiffany Muller as its President and Executive Director. She rose to head the organization after rallying groups to become progressive people in the grassroots to pursue electoral justice and achieve goals that were ambitious.

Endorsements and Fundraisers

End Citizens United has endorsed Sheldon Whitehouse for the US Senate seat. He is a resident of Newport He is married to Sandra. He started with serving Rhode Island people. Others include Priority Jon Tester, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke among others.

End Citizens United operates throughout the US. It has offices located in counties in the various states. The group has so far raised over $4 million and estimates that it will have hit $35 million before the midterm elections of 2018 for Congress seats. Such a feat would be a great one and an improvement on their earlier efforts at fundraising. In 2016, they managed to raise $25 million.