Ronald Fowlkes Knows How To Create Good Gear And Focus On His Customers

Ronald Fowlkes is someone who served as a Marine and who was a member of the St. Louis Police Department. He is someone who knew what he was doing as he worked on designing and creating gear for officers and enlisted armed service members. Ronald Fowlkes is the Director of Business Development for FirstSpear, and that is a job that he handles well. He got interested int he company for the first time while he was serving as a Marine, as he had equipment from FirstSpear in by his gear. The gear was made well, and he was excited to have a chance to join the company and help with its work.

There was never a time where Ronald Fowlkes doubted the products that he was creating or the brand that he was representing. He got into the work that he does after first being a customer of what his company was creating. He knew that the products that were being put out by that company were good. He has been excited about all that FirstSpear can do right from the start and he is still excited.

Ronald Fowlkes has learned to be honest with those who are around him and supporting him. He has shared that he has faced many obstacles in his journey and he has learned to push on despite them. He is someone who has worked hard to get where he is today, and he is a better man because of the obstacles that he had to face and the lessons that he has learned.

It is important for a person to have people around them who support what they are doing and who will be there for them. Ronald Fowlkes believes that it is important for a person to focus on the team that they have on their side. He believes that an entrepreneur should be careful about choosing the people they have around them. This man also believes in working hard to please a customer. He credits some of his success to the fact that he will always go the extra mile for his customers.

In a recent blog post, Ronald Fowlkes shared about a man who is finally getting a start in the NHL. He shared about Jeff Glass and how this former junior hockey player from Canada made his start in the NHL as the oldest rookie ever. He shared about the journey that the man faced and the good place that he is in now.