Alex Pall Opens Up About Producing Their Own Songs

Usually, EDM groups start playing other artists music, but the Chainsmokers have started expressing the music that allows them to experiment with their experiences. Adam Pall expresses that it is something that he and Andrew Taggart were very much in favor of from day one; that is, they want to find their unique voice. There is an exciting part of the creative world that you can only see your uniqueness if you reflect what is going on in your life with others and that is thru your music and lyrics.

Adam Pall says that he and Taggart can sit in the room with a songwriter or lyricist and work on an idea, but they make it their own, despite the fact that there is a bit of overcoming nostalgia about where you’ve been rather than going further and more in-depth. You’ll sit in the room and add what you can to the process, but in the end, you have to be satisfied that you are expressing who you are. At the time you find you write the whole thing, says Adam Pall. It is the same with working with an artist you love to collaborate with rather than people you don’t know. Working with people you enjoy and love makes your creative energy peak and rise to the occasion.

Adam Pall says that one thing he and Taggart shy away from is putting out a whole album of songs that no one can relate to like your voice. The entire creative process is about nailing down what you have to say to this generation and describe your own experiences that others can refer to as a voice that expresses who you are. The label will expect you to put out your music that comes from your own unique experiences and feeling.

The Chainsmokers

Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart began collaboration in 2012 thru Adam Alpert who introduced them thru a mutual friend. Pall and Taggart found a production rhythm quickly and started turning out single songs that reached top 10 spots on Billboard like “Closer” and “Don’t Let me Down.”