Louis Chenevert- Journey to becoming CEO of UTC

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman born and raised in Montreal. From a young age, he had interest in entrepreneurship, and since he was born in a humble family, he had to accept that no shortcut could fulfill his dreams in a short time. He had to work hard to achieve everything that he wished for. He attended Montreal University where he graduated with a degree in production management.

As a production management expert, his services would be crucial in production companies. Production is a vital aspect of any company there is not a single one of them which hopes to succeed which can mess with the production desperate. Whatever is produced is what all the other departments will depend on. So, the production department needs to be the most efficiently run in any business setup.

Louis Chenevert started his career in the auto production industry. He joined General Motors plant in Montreal where he worked for 14 years. He then felt he needed to change from the auto to aerospace. Louis Chenevert was convinced by a veteran manager in the auto industry and his friend Karl Krapek. He felt that Chenevert experience in auto production line would be essential I the aerospace industry. In 1993, Louis Chenevert joined Pratt & Whitney Canada, a subsidiary of the larger P&W base in the U.S. P&W is one of the businesses that form the conglomerate known as United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

In 1996, Louis Chenevert took up the role of the Vice President at P&W (United States). The larger organization had noticed his accomplishments with the Canadian subsidiary and decided to incorporate him into the larger organization. One of the greatest achievements he made at P&W was to cut production costs by 10%. He also used his experience in the production department to shorten the time of setting up an engine.

Before he joined P&W, the company was taking up to 2 years to complete an engine but after he came it only took nine months. This is the efficiency that was needed in the industry. With such performance, he was promoted to the position of the president and later as the CEO of the whole conglomerate.