Role Of Good Upbringing In Anthony Petrello’s Life

One of the things that Tony Petrello will be remembered with after he leaves Nabors Industries will probably not be the good work he has done in expanding the company’s operations. There is a high probability that he will be remembered for the way he treated fellow human beings while in his business capacity as the CEO of the company. He has never allowed power to affect the way he relates to his employees or the members of the public. He has maintained a down to earth approach all his life.

When growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Anthony Petrello had the privilege of learning some vital life skills which have enabled him to work and relate to others. One of the best lessons he learned from the people of Newark is about hard work. He knew that for his life to be better, hard work was to accompany whatever he was doing. He was also taught about work ethics. It is not just about getting wealthy, but getting that wealth through the right means. Many millionaires in the country make money being swindling others off their hard-earned cash among other illegitimate deals. Tony Petrello is not one of them. All his life, he has worked for what he has today. He has never been implicated in any illegitimate deal and never wants to be engaged in one.

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Another lesson he learned from Newark is that respecting others is important. In fact, this is one of the experiences which have enabled him to achieve what he has today. He always builds a healthy relationship with his employees. At Nabors Industries where he is currently working as the CEO, he mingles with the employees freely, making them feel proud about the role of the management in the workplace. He is always there to motivate them and show them the way when he is needed.

Tony Petrello also believes in proper remuneration for his employees. To keep them motivated, each employee earns a decent pay from the company. These are part of the effects of proper upbringing he got in New Jersey. To him, leadership should not be oppressing others but leading and showing them the way. Currently, Nabors Industries is one of the largest companies in the country and continues to do very well as it establishes new frontiers in its business expansion programs. The foundation set by Tony Petrello has created an enabling environment for business to thrive. The company now has operations in 25 countries and has employed thousands of people.