TransUnion Gets A New Chief Legal Officer: Heather Russell

Heather Russell has an impressive career that spans over nearly 20 years in the global finance service industry. Her expertise lies within data privacy and security, consumer financial services, mergers, acquisitions, regulatory compliance and FinTech. As she joins, the TransUnion team, her main responsibility and focus is to handle all government relations, legal, consumer privacy areas and corporate governance and compliance. This also includes the many TransUnion subsidiaries. Russell will report directly to Jim Peck, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer. He also serves on the Executive Committee for TransUnion.

He says that Heather brings great expert abilities and skills that are in line with the TransUnion company. Peck is very confident Heather will fulfill the duties ahead for her and be a strong asset to the leadership of the TransUnion team. He further states his organization has constantly delivered in growing the business and providing exceptional solutions that are innovative. They strive to make sure products benefit there customers and the entire global economy.

Russell comes from the prestigious law firm of Buckley Sandler, LLP. In this capacity she lead the regulation, FinTech and supervision practices for the entire firm. Prior to that employment, she was at Fifth Third Bank. She held the position of Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary. Her other career jobs includes working at Bank of New York Mellon as Managing Director and Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs. TransUnion welcomes Russell on board to their company and replace John Blenke, who retired. Russell on LinkedIn.

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