Fagali, American Samoa is Home to Genuine Beauty

     Fagali is a small community village on the island of Upolu. The population of the Fagali village is approximately 1,500. The islands’ controversial airstrip, known better as the Fagali International Airport, is located nearby in Fagali Uta.

Many of the islands’ most exciting activities are within walking distance of the central region of the island. One concern for the island residence is the controversial reopening of the airstrip, due to potential safety and environmental issues with the airport’s configuration. The airport has been closed and reopened by different parties numerous times in the past, and it remains entirely possible for that to continue to happen into the future as different sides continue to voice their opinions in regards to the airport’s existence.

The airport doesn’t stop tourists and island residents from enjoying their experiences in their community. The Royal Samoa Golf Course is one of the island’s most popular tourist and local attractions for people to enjoy. There are great restaurants located adjacent to this region, offering great opportunities to taste the local recipes of the island.

Aside from the complications in regards to the island airport, the peace and beauty of the American Samoa still represents the most important fact about this great tourist destination and local community.