Jed McCaleb- His Role In Cryptocurrencies Market

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar, a company in the blockchain technology industry that is currently engaged in projects that aim at creating a cross-border system that will allow the use of cryptocurrencies in payments and remittances. The role of Stellar will become clear once the projects have been completed. McCaleb is hoping that the cryptocurrencies will continue thriving and that by having payments systems which will allow their use we will see their usage intensify. Currently, many businesses have not accepted cryptocurrencies as a means of payments, but very soon, through the efforts of Jed McCaleb, this is a dream that will materialize.

Jed McCaleb is among the first group of people who saw potential in cryptocurrencies. In 2010, he was introduced to bitcoin after it was invented the previous year. He read about it in an article that was also linked to Bitcointalk, a forum for bitcoin fans. He developed an interest in the cryptocurrency and wanted to know about it. Even before bitcoin was introduced, Jed McCaleb had thought of a possibility of the world having a currency that cannot be centrally controlled. This finally came true when bitcoin was invented, since then, Jed McCaleb became one of the followers of the blockchain technology and not just a follower but an innovator who has played a part in development and growth of the industry.

Since 2010, Jed McCaleb has been engaged with various companies all dealing with cryptocurrencies. He has learned a lot about the industry and is now a proud co-founder of Stellar, a company that has huge potential to lead us to the next phase of blockchain technology.

Jed McCaleb’s passion for cryptocurrencies led him to create the first centralized exchange named Mt. Gox. This was the first of its kind since all the others depended on the availability of another person to complete a transaction. At the height of its dominance, Mt. Gox contributed to 80% of all cryptocurrency transactions that were going on in the world. McCaleb later sold Mt. Gox to a software developer named Mark Karplexes. In 2014, it was hacked and finally crumbled down due to bankruptcy.

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