Women Love Whitney Wolfe and Bumble for what She did for the Dating Scene

The feminist movement is going strong in 2018. This movement began in 1848 and it is now gaining major traction in modern times. Many women who are involved in this revolutionary protest for females everywhere; want women to be equal to men. They want to let men know that they are equal and not just sexual objects.

While the feminist movement is much more than what was previously mentioned, people need to realize that women are now wanting to be perceived in a different way. While women know that submission is important part femininity that does not mean they are second rate people. They are equal to men in many ways. Whitney Wolfe wants people to understand this truth.

Who is Whitney Wolfe? She is the young, sexy and married woman who heads Bumble. As the CEO of Bumble; she wants to expand her brand in the world. Lovely Whitney Wolfe is a beautiful woman that is hard to ignore. Her dating app Bumble is a reflection of who she is as a woman.

Whitney Wolfe wants to make sure that she is representing women to the fullest. As a female, she has created a dating app that promotes the uniqueness that women express. She knows that women are beautiful, sexy, and very alluring but she also recognizes that females are strong, independent and very competent.

Bumble reflects this truth. This site and dating app gives women the ability to make the first move. Women always do not want to be hit on by every man that crosses her path. They should be given the right to be in control. A female wants to let the world know that she loves men but she does not want to be subservient to them. That is the essence of Bumble. Putting women first and women love Whitney Wolfe for doing this very thing.

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