Freedom Checks: Incentive Created by the Statute 26-F

Matt Badiali is a geologist and a writer who formerly worked with oil and petroleum companies in the United States. He now works at the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, writing helpful articles about investment. He recently became viral because of a video he posted online. According to him, the video talks about freedom checks, which is highly unheard of for most Americans. He revealed that he first knew about the investment option back when he was attending a conference, and when his colleague told him about these checks, he started to ask more question, as he was intrigued knowing for the first time that the American government passed a law that allows oil and petroleum companies to provide tax free income to their investors.

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According to his video, it was during the administration of President Nixon that the idea about freedom checks surfaced. The former United States president wanted to keep energy companies within the United States because the country needs more energy. One of the things he thought would have made them stay is the introduction of a tax incentive, so he ordered the United States Congress to create a bill that would put his thoughts into reality. After the United States Congress drafted the bill, it was passed into law, now known as the Statute 26-F. This law states that oil and petroleum companies can be given a tax incentive if they keep most of their operations within the United States and if they will be willing to provide freedom checks to their investors. Most of the oil and petroleum companies agreed to the provisions of the Statute 26-F, and they were given tax incentives as a result. These companies were later known as the master limited partnerships or the MLPs.

Today, the MLPs are the ones providing freedom checks to those who wanted to invest in them. These checks can be bought for as low as $50 while some can be bought for $100. Matt Badiiali encouraged the public to shell out a small amount for their first freedom check, and he assured the public that they would be reaping their benefits every month or every quarter. As an encouragement, he shared the story of the investors who bought these checks, who are now earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. He also shared that these checks have been kept a secret to the public for long, and now is the time for the people to benefit from the Statute 26-F. Learn more: