Planning On Investing In The Real Estate Industry? How Jim Toner Can Help

Jim Toner is an experienced real estate venture capitalist, a successful entrepreneur who has trained many people all over the country on ways to become a successful investor. He has appreciated a long career as real estate investor, advisor, speaker and a radio host. Jim Toner has worked and appeared with some of the reputable names in the business like Frank McKinney, Bill Bartmann, and Napoleon Hill foundation among others. Jim Toner has also been featured on interviews on various national magazines and newspaper formats. He has appeared on FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Jim has over 25 years of know-how in the real estate industry and has helped many individuals get on the right path towards financial liberty by utilizing his convention 12 Little Houses Plan. Apart from being an entrepreneur and a real estate investor, Jim Toner is also an active Humanitarian who has received national recognition for his work with the homeless and veterans. For those who desire to secure a fiscal future by investing in real estates, Jim Toner’s common sense policy has paved ways for them.

Jim Toner said he now works with a limited Private Client Group and Training groups. He also receives sporadic private coaching clients on real estate investment and business issues.

An interview with Jim Toner

Who came up with the notion ‘The Band of Rebels’?

According to the real estate investor, The Band of Rebels is actually a name and an attitude to be precise. The team of investors is made up of proficient and veteran entrepreneurs who are experienced in the real realm of business. Therefore, according to Jim, it is almost impossible to create a little rebellious attitude. The attitude is mostly targeted to the system but not the clients. Jim Toner also submits that the real reason why many people don’t succeed in their Business activities is the presence of numerous roadblocks that deliberately obstruct their activities. One of the features that they look for in a possible client is the fighting spirit. They look for a client who has been able to stand strong apart from the many obstacles they face in the business. Connect with Jim Toner on Facebook.

What professional advice can you give to other willing investors?

According to Jim Toner, many people have ideas but the let them fade away because they take too long to take action. If you have an idea, the best thing is to work on it as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid of failing. If something has been done in the past, it can also be done now. Make your idea clear and use it as a formula to follow, get a trusted group of people who will help you bring the idea to life. There will be some ideas that will fail but most of them will go through, just be confident with it.

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