MLP Companies Benefit from Investors Receiving Freedom Checks

Many people use a combination of their savings in a 401(k) account and Social Security for their retirement income. Even with these two sources of retirement income, some people may still not have enough income to maintain the standard of living they enjoyed while they were working. An investment program that was created by Banyan Hill’s senior analyst Matt Badiali is designed to help people grow their wealth. An article on titled “$34.6 Billion in ‘Freedom Checks’ May Be Your Ticket to Retirement,” describes how Freedom Checks allow investors to take advantage of the tax code to earn high returns. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Badiali helps people invest in companies that operate as tax-free entities. These companies are known as master limited partnerships, and their tax-free status is made available to them through Statute 26-F in the U.S. tax code. Statute 26-F permits MLP companies to operate tax-free under two conditions. First, these MLP companies must receive 90 percent of their revenue from processing, producing, transporting, and storing oil and gas in the U.S. Second, these companies must distribute 90 percent of their income to their shareholders in the form of checks. These checks not only give MLP companies tax advantages, they also help these companies grow and gain access to new oil and gas wells.

Freedom Checks are a perfectly legal investment program that involves legitimate securities. These MLP companies have brick-and-mortar locations, have purchased equipment for their operations, and have paid employees. They also sell their products on the open market. It takes a significant amount of capital to fund the operations of MLPs. Investors provide the capital MLPs need to function, and in return, investors receive Freedom Checks. Over 16,000 companies are traded on the U.S. stock market, yet only a handful of these companies qualify under Statute 26-F. Matt Badiali helps investors find the most reputable and profitable companies so that they can start to secure a comfortable retirement.