Ryan Seacrest: Master Multitasker

Compartmentalizing and self-discipline have allowed Ryan Seacrest to maintain a schedule that would humble other mortals. Initially, he believed everything needed to be handled immediately. He has trained himself to handle long-term questions in the afternoon.

Seacrest begins his day around 6 am. The routine is a shower, shave and moisturizer, then on to his trainer. His move to New York has necessitated the daily weather check, sweats with a hoodie and his UGGS.

Matcha tea is another essential ritual for Seacrest as he believes it sets his body tone for the rest of the day. Ryan’s intense schedule requires him to concentrate more of his time on his physical well-being. He takes a trainer with him when his shows go on location and Ryan recently purchased a Peloton.

According to the NY Times, even though Seacrest is constantly pulled in different directions, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation stays close to his heart. The initiative of the foundation is to place a broadcast center in pediatric hospitals. The RSF aim is for the patients to explore the fun and creativity of all forms of media. The RSF has opened ten broadcast media centers so far.

TV host Ryan Seacrest is still adjusting to his life on the east coast after moving to host “Live with Kelly.” The show gives Seacrest a high profile platform and the show receives stability. Hollywood’s master multitasker is beginning his prep for a new season of American Idol, both shows on ABC. Ryan’s career started to accelerate once he became the host of AI in 2002.

According to Ryan, the move to New York did not slow down any of his project. “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” is produced on eastern time for broadcast on the 6 am to 10 am time slot in Los Angeles. The show has a New York studio. The Seacrest time slot is the number one, nationally syndicated morning talk show in Los Angeles.

Seacrest has a line of polished men’s clothing and skin care to add to his current resume. The line is sold exclusively at Macy’s. The line has everything and is based on a unique numbering system

Ryan Seacrest makes juggling his intense schedule look easy.

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