Eric Lefkofsky Of Tempus Completes A Highly Successful Series E Funding Round

Eric Lefkofsky has been an entrepreneur in the tech sector for over 25 years. His latest venture is Tempus, Inc., a Chicago-based company he co-founded with a long-term business partner. This company is creating a huge database that includes both clinical and molecular data about cancer patients. This database can be accessed by oncologists who use this information to create a personalized care regimen for their patients. As the database has genomic sequencing services the oncologist can pinpoint which treatment options will provide their patient with the best outcomes. He co-founded Tempus in 2015.

It recently completed its Series E funding round, bringing in $110 million raised from venture capitalists. This increased the amount of funding this company has received to $320 million to date. The funding round raised money from firms that have already invested in Tempus which were New Enterprise Associates, T. Rowe Price, and Revolution Growth. One new firm also invested during this round which was Ballie Gifford out of England. After this round of funding was completed Eric Lefkofsky issued a statement about it saying that he and his team want to introduce precision medicine to people all over the world. He said that he was ecstatic over the progress his team has made so far and he felt honored to be associated with world-class investors, partner, and the amazing staff he has at Tempus.

In order to build the database at Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky partnered with several medical organizations. This included the National Cancer Institute, the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, hospital networks, and individual physicians. In just the three short years in which Tempus was founded, it already reaches 25 percent of cancer patients in America. The money they raised in the Series E funding round will be used to sequence the genomic code of hundreds of thousands of patients.