Rick Shinto’s Undisputable Administration at InnovaCare since His Recruitment In 2012

InnovaCare Health is the standard of quality health care in Puerto Rico. The facility offers Medicare and Medicaid programs at affordable rates to the locals. Under the leadership of the chief executive officer Rick Shinto, InnovaCare consistently satisfies its customers through good team corporation, expertise administration, and accurate communication. In 2011, InnovaCare received an NCQA accreditation for its Medicare and Medicaid programs. The recognition was a testament that proved InnovaCare’s dedication to surpass the minimum requirements required for such an accreditation. InnovaCare has a committed administration, research team and health care practitioners who have the motivation to offer upgraded services and products to clients in North America and Puerto Rico.


Rick Shinto has more than 22 years of experience in leading various health care institutions. His career majors in managing complex health care programs and the medical staff. Before joining InnovaCare, Rick worked as the chief executive officer of Aveta Incorporation. He received the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur Award of the year for his efforts in growing the firm. He stated that winning the award was an honor to the employees of Aveta Incorporation. Rick was the vice president of Medical Management, and chief medical officer of Cal Optima Health Plan. He worked for Medical Pathways Management as the chief operating and medical officer, and for NAMM as a chief medical officer. Rick began his career as an intern after graduating from the University of California with a bachelor of science. He later joined the University of New York to pursue a degree in Medicine. Rick received his master’s in business administration from the University of Redlands. Check out zoominfo.com



In 2016, Rick recruited three seasoned and highly skilled health administrators to his team, namely, Penelope Kokkinides, Mike Sortino and Jonathan Meyers. The three have proven to be hugely beneficial towards the growth of InnovaCare. While starting it out in his career in Southern California, Rick specialized in Pulmonology. Over the years, he has gained knowledge in leadership and has several publications describing his various roles in detail. Rick anticipates that InnovaCare will expand its market region in the coming years and plans to make huge adjustments in the firm to manifest that vision. Since his recruitment as chief executive officer in 2012, Rick has multiplied the enterprise’s benefits and customers. According to a recent analysis, InnovaCare provides health care services to approximately 70 percent of Puerto Ricans. InnovaCare has affordable health care packages that effectually take care of patients medically, financially and emotionally. You can visit modernhealthcare.com




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