Dick Devos and the FAA

Have you seen the news in Washington lately? The Devos family is taking over. Now that both Betsy and Dick are in Capitol Hill, it’s clear that they have been working on getting into political circles since the very beginning. They are extremely hardworking and Dick Devos has made some incredible things happen for the airport in his hometown as well. That must be why he was appointed to the FAA’s Management Advisory Council.


The new council was founded last year to help with decisions being made about policies, regulations, security, budgets, and more. The aviation agency was challenged by Donald Trump to do better after it was revealed that the technology in America is behind other countries, making American airports much more difficult to fly into than any other.


The FAA has been rolling out new policies ever since it created the council last year. The board consists of 13 members, including Dick Devos. There are former transportation authority members on the council, as well as former aviation airline executives. While Devos is neither, he has been helping the FAA come up with new regulations, budgets, and the like.


Devos joined the council in September 2017 to a lot of praise. He had previously worked with the CEO of Southwest, who said that the appointment was a smart choice. Devos has the kind of business acumen that allows him to do almost anything with all types of business. However, Devos has a special place in his heart for aviation.


As a pilot and enthusiast, he has started working with students through the school that he co-founded with his wife Betsy. The school is known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy, and it’s located on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds. Through his work with charities and schools, he has been showing his support for aviation for some time, but it’s been through his business leadership that he has affected greater change for the city of Grand Rapids.


The Gerald R. Ford International Airport had hit a slump in the 1990s. It re-launched in 1999, but it was still not able to keep up with other airports or supply the right flights to potential travelers. Devos came along and changed all of that for the airport. He worked with airlines like Air Tran Airways to secure new flights and bring in more sales.


In the past decade, the airport has increased sales dramatically, and it’s one of the driving reasons why his name was tapped for the FAA’s business advisory council.


Now Devos will meet with the FAA once every three months to provide feedback and help the FAA make some changes to new policies.


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