One on One with Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is the founder and the chairman of Managed Health Services. Managed Benefits Services is a Carlsbad-based company that specializes in dental insurance and health insurance marketing. He is also a consultant in this field of expertise. Managed Health Services is based in their headquarters in southern California and focusses in management and lead consulting. Kristen went to the San Diego State University and went to employment for a few years before embarking on the investment journey. His business acumen and extensive bossiness expertise in the recent years has been seen evident through his investment ventures in the United States. Iyer is an avid reader that enjoys travelling during his free time. He also devotes a lot of time to assist the community. He also owns the Iyer Real Estate Co and has lots of other investment interests in different companies.


In a recent interview, when asked where he got the idea to build his company, he says he just spotted an opportunity in a market that was lacking a proper marketing strategy. The lack of availability of marketing professionals and service providers is the idea behind Managed Health Services.


Iyer says that his typical day involves lots of client interfacing and technical development of his company’s platforms. He says that he also spends lots of time marketing. He says he has a well-defined duty roaster that keeps his duties well defined and thus allowing him to to have a maximum productivity.


Krishen Iyer also asserts that communication is vital for the wellbeing of any organization. As such, through communication, he is able to bring on board new ideas. He says that he ensures that there is a robust communication in his office and working premises. Iyer is also very excited by the emerging trends in marketing analytics. Being inquisitive is one habit that makes Krishen Iyer a very productive entrepreneur.