OSI Food Solutions is a group of several companies that operate in the food industry. The business has its head offices in Aurora, Illinois. They have branches in several states in the US, Canada, and 16 other countries. The organisation is a principal business partner of McDonald’s, being its chief meat products supplier. Their products include pork, bacon, fish, and pizza among others.

OSI Food Solutions strives to reduce environmental degradation by adopting eco-friendly technologies. Their environmental conservations efforts have been rewarded, with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) granting them 140001 certifications for meeting standard environmental requirements. This is because the company has demonstrated significant efforts towards the reduction of water and energy consumption.

The firm is listed by Forbes magazine as one of the largest private companies in the US. It amasses a revenue of $6.1 billion and has employed over 20,000 individuals. The success of this business is attributed to its exceptional marketing and product promotion expertise and excellent service delivery. In this regard, the company has received positive feedback from a majority of their customers.

The enterprise recently purchased Flagship Europe, a major food supplier in the UK. Flagship supplies include poultry, mayonnaise, and sauces. Moreover, Flagship had acquired the services of Calder Foods, a deal which resulted in the extension of services to include marinades, sandwiches, and dips. Flagship owners say they accepted the sale offer because it presented their firm an opportunity to reach new markets and improve customer service. OSI Food Solutions management on their part saw this as an opportunity to extend their grip on the market.

Additionally, OSI Food Solutions also attained Baho Food, which is based in Netherlands and Germany. Baho’s subsidiaries operate in 18 European countries. Baho CEO said that his enterprise would gain massive experience by partnering with industry leaders OSI. This agreement would be of mutual benefit to both parties, he noted. On the other hand, OSI are continuing with their objective of becoming a global leader in the food processing industry.

Established over a century ago by a German immigrant, OSI Food Solutions has rapidly grown into the largest meat processor in the US. Despite the success, the management has not relaxed its efforts in improving entity. Continuous addition of new products and enhancing the current ones prove that the firm is determined to keep its place as the best.