Felipe Montoro Jens: Construction Interruptions and Why

A study called the “Great works stopped: how to face the problem?” was done by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). It showed data from 2017 year end that was offered by the Ministry of Planning revealing Brazil has 2,796 paralyzed workers. It also showed that nearly 517 of them have a relation with the infrastructure sector. This shows a corresponding percentage of 18.5 percent of the entire total with a cost around R $10.7 billion going to public coffers, as stated Felipe Monitor Jens, who is an Infrastructure Projects expert.

In the wide area regarding infrastructure there is basic sanitation affected the most. This means that up to 447 enterprises where interrupted in the implementation phase. As for the 517 paralyzed works this involves 30 highways, 16 airports, 6 ports, 8 urban mobility works, 5 waterways and 5 railways. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

The author of the survey called “in addition to investing little in infrastructure” says that within the Gross Domestic Product there is only 2 percent. Brazil has a large volume of resources within the sector because of the excess of works that have been interrupted prior to The shutdowns which take up resources and don’t generate benefits for the whole society. “This is a list of failures showing how the public sector handles its projects.”

Felipe Montoro Jens says the CNI study signaled the interruption of all construction when it came to day-care centers, sports facilities, preschools with the education environment even though they are complex and less expensive.

But, why the discontinuation?

The study clearly showed technical problems, budgetary and financial difficulties, abandonment of works by companies and problems of land ownership and expropriation were the specific reasons that caused the construction interruptions.

Ilana Ferreira of Brazil who is the infrastructure specialist of the National Confederation of Industry, states that “These poor quality projects reveal poor planning.”

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