ClassDojo Partners With Ad Astra

ClassDojo is a software developed to help teachers, parents and students form a connection thus, offer empowerment regarding learning. The communication platform’s primary purpose is to develop skills, encourage learning and build good character among students. Besides, this app allows teachers to share reports of students with their parents. The app is creating a community in which educators and parents can link up to see the progress of their children. Ad Astra which is a private school by Ed Musk in LA recently developed a new tool to assist teachers and students. Ad Astra partnered with ClassDojo to develop this tool named Conundrums. Conundrums are a set of critical thinking puzzles for students and teachers to solve.

The reason for this collaboration was to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools by fostering ethical and critical thinking skills. Puzzles consist of a set of ethical and essential problems of thinking that the students can discuss among themselves and find a solution to the problem. The school encourages students to discuss among themselves so as to connect the students as well as empower them. The questions in this tool are not usually found in the standard elementary curriculum, and 2 in 3 schools do not have those kinds of problems. Ad Astra is a private school that does not teach math and spelling, but it uses ethical and critical questions to foster ground-up change. This means that the children are taught how to think from a young age critically and how to make moral decisions such that when they progress to other grades, they are equipped with the necessary skills that they require.

This collaboration between Ad Astra and ClassDojo is meant to create a community between students and teachers that enforces learning and helps them to solve problems. Even though these questions are hard and not for elementary kids, they can develop skills to address them with time. Conundrums will go a long way in helping the kids at Ad Astra think critically and empower the teachers to teach their students.