OSI Industries’s Role in the Global Food Network

In the current global economy there are countless mega corporations that run the distribution networks in each industry. OSI Industries is one of those corporations in the food industry. The company grew from a street side shop in the Chicago region, and over several decades it grew into a global powerhouse. There are a pair of online articles that recount the company’s origins and how its current leadership has shaped its modern direction. Find out more at careersinfood.com to learn more about OSI.

Beginning with a recent article on Gazette day, it describes how OSI Industries was founded by an immigrant worker. His name was Otto Kolschowsky, and he wanted to tap into the potential of the local market. After a re-branding and change of ownership over the following years, his company was soon poised to take the next great step. They formed a partnership with Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s. Together, they took both of their companies into to global stage where they currently supply a sizable portion of the world’s food network.

In order to compete in the modern economic climate, OSI Industries needed a leader with a wealth of experience and the drive to push the company into the future. This is where current COO David McDonald comes into play. A recent article on Patch describes his background in supply chain management. As the company has grown its international presence, it takes a grassroots individual to keep everything in check. They have forged deals with several overseas partners, in addition to further establishing their presence at home. All workers at OSI Industries have a passion for seeing their product spread every corner of the earth as possible.

OSI Industries is one of the most important companies in the world right now. Their influence alone has a massive effect on where food gets sent to, which in turn has profound impacts on numerous economies. The company grew from a tiny street side store, into a 21st century global player, and David McDonald managements ensures their position remains firm well into the future.

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