Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: Opportunity Favors The Bold

Opportunities are a golden goose to those that are prepared and ready to take advantage of them when they appear. This statement reflects upon the action taken by founder Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade when he ordered a Ford Landau at a dealership that was situated next to where he lived. It was before the car was delivered that the dealership that was located in Campina Grande that the people in charge had already declared bankruptcy. There and then he proposed that the dealership is put into his name as compensation for the payment that he had already made on the car. This was the birth of CAOA, and without hesitation, he took over the management of the place. Six years later CAOA became the most significant car dealership in Brazil. When the government allowed for the importation of vehicles, CAOA became the sole importer and distributor of Renault in Latin America. With hard work and commitment, it surpassed other car brands in sales and became the top in the importer automobile section and ranked fifth in total sales in the country. When they decided to handle the distribution as well as the sales the brand tanked to ninth place. Subaru was next in line in 1998, and the car sales tripled within a year.

Hyundai another well-established automaker came under CAOA, and again the story changed as their Tucson model became the leader under imports. This came after they had tried other distributors and failed in making lucrative profits. In 2006, it was recognized as the biggest distributor of Ford vehicles in Brazil and at the same time the sole importer of Hyundai as well as Subaru in the country. Early the following year saw Hyundai construct the first ever assembly plant in the region. All funding came from Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade who also was responsible for the location of the plant. Goias is well placed in Brazil as it facilitates the ease of distribution to other countries that neighbor Brazil. Finally, his dream of owning a factory was realized, and in the same year, he was awarded for being the best entrepreneur in the country.

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