The Gareth Henry Way Of Things

Gareth Henry is a Jamaican badminton player. He was born in August of 1991. During 2014 he competed in the Commonwealth Games and the following year of the Pan-American Games. In 2018, he was on the national team who earned bronze medals at the 2018 Pan Am Mens Team Championships. Gareth Henry would also get a gold medal in the same Pan Am Games for his doubles performance with Samuel O’Brien Ricketts. His sister is also a professional player in the sport of badminton. Together they won the mixed doubles championships at the Jamaican Badminton Games, six times in eight years. Gareth Henry was the highest ranking badminton player in Jamaica for quite some time. The greater abundance of his victories coming in double digit margins. When he is not making history with badminton, he is advocating for gay and lesbian rights. It appears that his passion for sports is just as deep as his passion for equal rights. Gareth Henry has stated that over the years much persecution has been directed towards him for being gay; and he wants to help inspire people to be comfortable with themselves. This hits hard for people in Jamaica because it’s is one of the countries where same-sex relationships are viewed as criminal offenses.

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