How Richard Liu Qiangdong Started the Operations of

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the The company that sells all types of electronic products in the industry to the consumers with the sole aim of making profits. The entity has been expanding significantly opening its delivery branches from one place to another while at the same time competition with other organizations selling their products through the online platform. One of the major competitor in the industry is Alibaba, which is considered as being the largest online outlet in China., previously known as Jing Dong started as a company with physical address where it was selling electronic products in the Chinese Market. The entity was not only selling electronic products but it was also selling other products that are related to those sold in the electronic industry. Due to the excellent management of Richard Liu, the company expanded to the point where it had more than twelve branches in the city.

However, there was an outbreak in China that required individuals to stay in the house without moving outside. This meant that the customers of the organization were not buying the products while the employees were failing to turn up to their work station. Moreover, there were no customer to buy the products and services sold by the organization. This made Richard Liu Qiangdong to change his business and take it to the online platform.

The online business was so successful to the extent that Richard Liu decided to close down all the physical branches even after the outbreak was over and the individuals were allowed to move out with ease. The company has continued to grow progressively and is currently considered as one of the largest e-commerce retail outlet in China.

The success of the organization can only be attributed to it founder and the chairperson of the board of management, Richard Liu Qiangdong. He has constantly implemented policies and strategies with the aim of making sure that the company continues to grow. He is well aware that there is extreme competition in the e-commerce industry but he is highly convinced that the market will expand as the population expands.

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