OSI Group Acquires Baho Food and Former Chicago Tyson Plant

OSI Group has been working hard at expanding their company throughout the world. In 2016, they made the major purchase of Baho Food. The company is based in Holland and produces several best food products such as deli meats and convenience foods. Neither company released any of the financial information concerning the purchase. OSI has been looking for different ways to maximize their presence throughout Europe and this purchase will help them with this goal. The 2 companies’ products complement each other and they are expecting to build off the other’s strengths in food production industry.

The managers of Baho Foods, including John Balvers their managing director, will be staying with the business as it operates under OSI Group. Balvers respects the relationships that OSI has built with their clients and the suppliers for the company. He is looking forward to being able to better quality service his customers with the help and access to the experience of OSI who is known to be able to work with the company strategies of the companies that they are working with. Baho Foods has plans for their own growth in the future and are going to be working with OSI business Solutions to achieve this.

On a domestic level, OSI Group recently made some moves to increase their food production capabilities in the United States as well. One of the major efforts being the purchase of a plant in Chicago that used to be owned by Tyson Foods. When OSI heard that the plant that was located in close proximity to plants they were already operating in the area. As they were already looking for ways to expand, purchasing this facility seemed to fit in perfectly with their plans. While Tyson had announced that all 500 employees would be laid off, OSI making this purchase allowed many of the positions in the plant to be saved.The headquarters of OSI Group is located close to Chicago, Illinois in Aurora. They are one of the lead suppliers of proteins across the globe and they serve companies like McDonald’s along with retail and other businesses. The privately held company operates out of 17 different countries.