Virgin Group Partners with Brightline and FIG to Lend Fresh Breath to Train Systems

Welcome to the family! The Virgin Group has brought in another member into their fraternity. Joining the likes of Virgin Wines and Virgin Atlantic among others, say hello to Virgin Trains USA.

Virgin has teamed up with Fortress Investment Group and Brightline to revive the USA train system. It is no secret that everything that Sir Richard Branson touches turns into gold and this partnership is no exception. With the experience being brought in by Virgin, with their a little over two decades in Virgin Trains UK knowledge, and the expertise and innovation being brought it by the Brightline’s team, the railway system in America will be revolutionized. View to learn more.

The rails will run in several towns in the USA including Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and in future Orlando, Tampa, Las Vegas and Southern California. It does not hurt that Virgin has a foot in most of these towns using its conglomerates such as Virgin Hotels. Users of Virgin Group services in these towns will be able to use Brightline and Fortress Investment Group’s passenger rail system to get there. Its a win-win for the companies.

This brilliant partnership started around the same time last year whereby Richard Branson met with Wes Edens, the head of both Brightline and Fortress Investment Group in Florida where the rail system was undergoing construction. You know what they say about when great minds come together.

How it will all work; Virgin Group will put some money into Brightline and Fortress Investment Group which means the former will own minor stake in the companies. However, the whole project will be operated by the management team from Brightline and associates of Fortress Investment Group. Moreover, Brightline will take advantage of the well-known name of Virgin and call itself Virgin Trains USA for now and even future growth of the project.

With the major changes that Virgin Group has made with their conglomerate Virgin America for those travelling by air within the country, Branson stated that it is their goal to do the same for those travelling by rail too. With minimal luck for more than 10 years trying to achieve this goal, they now have a chance due to this partnership they got into with FIG and Brightline.

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