The Career Journey of Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry obtained an impressive degree from the University of Edinburgh Scotland in actuarial mathematics. Henry started off in the insurance field as a Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders plc, however he quickly transitioned into finance (Gareth, 2018). He stated he had an advantage because he not only had the mathematics knowledge, but also the strength of communicating with a variety of people about their money (Gareth, 2018).

Gareth Henry was a true overachiever of his degree by becoming the Head of Investor Relations and Global Head of IR at Fortress Investment Group and then followed by Angelo Gordon. Angelo Gordon greatly benefited from Henry’s employment. He arrived with a wide array of global relationships, which enabled Angelo Gordon the ability to expand their reach across the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Europe (Gareth, 2018). See more of Gareth Henry on facebook

Gareth Henry claims much of his success to being active, as this creates more opportunities and greater chances of success. He strives for greatness and always wants to continue learning no matter what he is dealing with. He asks for feedback from his co-workers, clients and peers to make sure he is always doing the best that he can do. This way of life has helped him with the internal and external changes that occur and helped him meet the client’s needs (Gareth, 2018).

Being the Head of Global Investor Relations is no easy task. Henry works around the clock to keep in contact with current investors and to add new investors to the organization. He surpasses most competitors with his extensive knowledge in mathematics and his strength in communication with the clients (Gareth, 2018). In this role, he must also stay ahead of the game. He is able to do so because he is truly dedicated to the job, has a multitude of experience and enjoys paying attention to his clients. Putting the clients first is a pertinent key to maintaining success with the position (Gareth, 2018). Gareth Henry continues to strive and move forward with this career choice as he learns new things and builds relationships every day.