The Star in Rebel Wilson Comes to Life in Isn’t It Romantic

Rebel Wilson was born on March 2nd 1980. She attended the New South Wales University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in theatre and performance studies and a bachelor of law in the year 2009. She later got a job with Rotary International which is an Australian organization based in South Africa as a youth ambassador for Australia. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

During her stay in South Africa, she contracted malaria and she started experiencing hallucinations where she saw herself as an actress who had won an Oscar award. This experience convinced her to start her acting career. She started featuring on various comedy series such as Pizza and the sketch series known as Bogan Pride. In the year 2009, Rebel Wilson won the Tropfest best actress award for the role she played in the film known as Bargain.

Rebel Wilson is one of the most captivating actors leaving millions of fans glued to their screens. Her confidence and her charismatic nature make her funny. Her ability to apparently give a joke with a careful pretense of seriousness has made her win hearts of fans all over the world.

There were several challenges that came knocking on her door but this didn’t slow her down. Rebel Wilson introduced her own unique style in the American film industry. He would beat all the odds to become one of the world’s best actresses. This is after she migrated to America where she dominated Hollywood. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram and Twitter

Isn’t it Romantic is one of the many romantic comedy films that Rebel Wilson has featured in. This film is directed by Todd Sauss-Schulson and scripts were written by Erin Cardillo and Katie Silberman. Rebel Wilson is the leading film star in conjunction with Liam Heswoth, Adam Devine and Priyanka Chopra who are also co-stars. In this film, Rebel Wilson who features as Natalie a cynical architect detests romantic comedies and eventually dismisses them as having no objective reality.

When a fight with someone trying to steal from her knocks her out, she awakens in a rom-com where she is the leader and this was one of her worst nightmares. She finds that her clothes and apartment are charismatic and people had developed a habit of breaking into dance and songs. She didn’t believe in love and she would spend the rest of her life trying to shun away the feeling.

This film explains the struggle she underwent trying to figure out how she is going to get out of that nightmare. In this film, Rebel Wilson entangles herself in a love triangle with a total stranger Blake and her dear friend Josh who have an emotional attachment to yoga ambassador (Priyanka Chopra). Therefore, Isn’t it Romantic is a romantic comedy that derives its contents from other romantic comedies as well as the romantic narratives we tell ourselves.

“Isn’t it Romantic” will be on the screens on 14th of Feb year 2019. It will be released by Warner Bros. Pictures and United Kingdom’s Netflix who did help finance the film.