Edwin Miranda Explores the Impact of the Evolution of TV on Advertising

Edwin Miranda has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the marketing and advertising world. His vast experience as a brand strategist has not only garnered him industry respect but also made him a valuable source of knowledge. In fact, Miranda devotes some of his time to sharing vital ideas and information regarding his line of work by writing articles, which he shares on online publishing platform Medium.

In one of his articles, Edwin Miranda looks at how the evolution of TV has proven beneficial to advertisers. According to him, traditional TV was characterized by a series of all predetermined broadcasts, making it ideal for only watching sports, news, and the newest sitcom. As such, it featured numerous advertisements that viewers had to watch in a bid catch their favorite program.

Currently, people have screens that offer a lot of entertainment options. According to Miranda, streaming content through subscription models such as YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix is quickly becoming the in thing even with some individuals still relying on cable networks.

For Miranda, advertisers forgo a considerable amount of data, targeting, and control when pushing commodities on a traditional TV program. For this reason, they end up wasting a lot of money targeting the wrong audience. Nevertheless, connected devices such as smart TVs offer an excellent opportunity for adverts to impact the desired target market. They also allow advertising to be carried out with relevance, tact, and knowledge.

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Edwin Miranda is popularly known for being the CEO and brand strategist of KOI/IXS. He prides himself on bringing together a talented and enthusiastic group of strategists, creators, designers, and thinkers. Fueled by his enthusiasm for marketing technology, Miranda enjoys providing KOI/IXS’s clients with the desired edge to help them succeed. Away from his career, he is a successful alumnus of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Administration, and Marketing.