MB2 Dental; A Business Model for Today’s Dentist

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, CEO, and founder created a unique business model that would allow doctors to create a private practice with the help of a corporate model. Traditionally a new Dental graduate would join a group practice or open their own private practice. Dr. Villanueva wanted to create a business model that allowed current practitioners to help new practitioners. The cost of starting a business for a new graduate could become costly and full of bureaucracy. Dr. Villanueva had the idea that he could provide the best of both a large dental practice with the freedom of a sole-proprietor ownership.

Dr. Villanueva wanted his practitioners to feel the security of a large practice without the burden of opening a sole-proprietor office. He wanted to help the dentist to focus on the patient, and remove the drab daily task of running an office. Other corporations have been selling franchises for years, why hadn’t the dental industry? A doctor can purchase his own small business in a box, select his own location, place a sign open for business. The Villanueva idea takes Dentistry out of the mom and pop category and combines it with a large corporate office. The new practitioners have the financial backing of a corporate group; a billing system, marketing, and a payroll system have all been included. The new member only has to focus on the patients.

The new model has been so successful for all the dental practitioners they take time off to go and share in the news, and celebrate together at the annual vacation get together. The firm has grown to over 500 employees with 70 affiliated locations in six states. Dr. Villanueva believes that everyone in his firm is just as important as the other which makes his organization a very close-knit family.

Every affiliate has ownership of his or her office, the business portion of running the office has been automated and gives the Doctor owner more time to take part in the care of the patient, interact as a vital part of the community. The business model supports growth if the Individual would like to expand and it allows the Dentist to become specialist by having access to the newest technologies and equipment that not all small offices could have.

MB2 Dental is a business model that was created to make Dentistry more patient-focused by removing the daily burden of running an office.

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