A Political Fighter- Betsy DeVos Doens’t Back Down From What She Believes In

Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education under President Trump. Last year, she met with transgender and gay employees from the Education Department just hours before the president was to take away a federal policy which allowed students at public schools the ability to use the bathroom of their choice in gender identity.


While she was speaking with the employees, her aide was assuring them that Betsy did not know the move was coming ahead of time and that she was against it. They were under the assumption that Mrs. DeVos knew about the plans President Trump had and gave no sign to the public there were rifts in Trump’s administration.


Polite Until It’s Time To Fight


Betsy has been in the public eye since she was little. When she went to college and started getting into politics, it was soon evident to anyone who watched her that she is not a meek player when it comes to fighting for what she believes in. She is a leading advocate for school voucher programs and charter schools. Betsy is also a former chairwoman for the Michigan Republican Party. Both she and her husband, Dick DeVos, are major donors of the Republic party and place a priority on education.


In Betsy’s home state of Michigan, she is known as a huge political fighter. However, she is always polite when it comes to non-political topics. She will use her vast fortune to fight for what she believes in. Betsy will punish her foes and reward all of her allies.


DeVos chose not to speak about the new changes to the federal policy being rescinded under the Trump administration. When she took on her new role in Washington, she had a little history with President Trump and no experience working with the government. When she took over, there were very few upper-rank positions filled. The transgender school bathroom argument put her at a disadvantage with Jeff Sessions, the current attorney general and former senator who has decades of experience in Washington and long-time connections to Trump.


All of this aside, Betsy has both critics and admirers rooting for her to learn the ropes and do the best she can. Randi Weingarten is the American Teachers Federation president. He has said that many people tend to underestimate her because she usually comes across as plain-spoken and personable. In reality, she can be very dangerous and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.


Two Sides To Betsy DeVos


Many people who have known Betsy for years are having trouble getting to know this new side of her as the Secretary of Education. She was born in 1958 to a wealthy family in Michigan. Her family raised her as a conservative until she went to Calvin College. While attending, she met her husband, Dick DeVos. His family founded the Amway Corporation. Dick ran for governor when he was in his 20s. Unfortunately, he did not win at that time. Over the years, both Dick and Betsy became passionate about school voucher programs and educational choice.


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