Overview of Oren Frank Twitter and New Talkspace Therapist

Oren Frank is writer, blogger, columnist, an executive officer and a co-founder of Talkspace currently serving as the CEO. He pursued his studies at Leicester Polytechnic and has operated in various positions at McCann Erickson, MRM Worldwide and TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo before establishing Talkspace. Talkspace is a licensed online therapy platform that a patient can access services through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Former UnitedHealth Senior Medical Director Joins Talkspace

As an effort of improving Talkspace services, Neil Leibowitz, a chief medical officer was hired to operate in the company as it develops its enterprise and considering adopting IPO services according to the company’s CEO Oren frank. The company’s services charges $79 per week for conversing with a therapist and $49 for messaging both done online without physical contact. Leibowitz partnership enables patients to access therapy services and receive prescriptions for distinct drugs with the new tool on the application.

Oren Frank told CNBC that the company has hit one million users and with the support of Leibowitz, the focus is primarily on mental problems as there has been an increase in mental illnesses. Leibowitz got an interest to join the company because of its focus in providing therapy services and ease of accessibility. Neil Leibowitz experience from his past work aims at making Oren Frank and his team more productive in online therapy services. Watch Oren Frank on Youtube to learn more.

Oren Frank Twitter

Oren Frank is an active individual in social media especially twitter where he updates his tweets and retweets more frequently. He has an overview of his career at Talkspace in his profile and the tweets are usually formal with some motivational quotes to his followers and clients. On his recent tweet, Oren Frank shared an article from mediaite.com that talks about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Another tweet is an encouragement message quoted from The Guardian highlighting about how a new force is going to transform the world.

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