Andrew Brooks, The Highlight of the NRF Vision Pannel

At the 2020 National Retail Federation (NRF), panelist Andrew Brooks was able to share valuable insight and advice into the fast-paced world of retail. Andrew Brooks Sinclair is a successful businessman who leads the retail industry as the founder of Sinclair Global.

Before founding Sinclair Global, Brooks gained his expertise in business from the University of Miami.Brooks then worked at a multitude of successful start-ups and retail brands. Eventually, Brooks found himself in New York City where he created his luxury brand, selling upscale leather products. From there, Andrew Brooks founded Sinclair global, and currently works as the CEO of Sinclair Global.

At the NRF vision pannel, Brooks shared insight into the field and used his experience to speak on struggles and future growth. One current struggle in the industry is the choice of selecting the influencers to represent a brand that will do a professional and sufficient job representing the brand. Brooks speaks on this emphasizing the consumers growing care of authenticity, and wanting the brand to represent something authentic. Additionally, Andrew Brooks spoke from his experience in relations between small businesses and influencers.

Another panel topic was brand-to-consumer communications. Brooks explained that the most important and efficient way for brands to communicate to consumers is through social media, specifically Instagram. Brooks explained that both his marketing and customer services operations function through Instagram. Brooks explained that it is important for a brand as it allows real-time connection and conversation with consumers.

Finally, Andrew Brooks spoke on current developing trends in retail. Brooks stressed three important and emerging current trends; new technology, the rise of direct-to-consumer distribution, and an increasing consumer focus on sustainability. Consumers who take these trends seriously, and adjust to accommodate their core principles to these trends will grow dominant and see a lot of success in the future of retail.