Background of Lawyer and Executive Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt has many years of experience in the legal field and in upper level management. His most recent positions have been in the executive management sector where he oversaw two leading technology companies. Blatt served as the chief executive officer of  Match Group and Tinder. Along with working as an executive for these two companies, Greg has also worked as an attorney and executive for Martha Stewart and as a corporate and entertainment attorney.

The road to success was an unconventional one for Greg Blatt. After finishing a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Colgate University, Blatt did not yet know what career to pursue. As a result, he began working some odd jobs and traveled. During this time, he lived in California, Colorado and in France. While he was traveling and working odd jobs, he eventually developed an interest in the legal field. This prompted him to pursue a law degree and he applied to law school at Columbia University. He was accepted into the J.D. program and finished it within three years.

Once he finished law school, Greg Blatt worked at a top law firm in New York City. He was a corporate attorney who specialized in contracts and litigation. While he was success as a corporate attorney, Greg had an interest in the entertainment industry and become an attorney in this sector. Blatt eventually wanted to pursue other opportunities and accepted a position at a company owned by Martha Stewart. At this company, he was the head legal counsel as well as a high level manager at Martha Stewart’s company.

Blatt eventually left the company to pursue other opportunities in business. He joined Match Group and served as the CEO. Greg also held the same position at Tinder for a few years as well. While serving as the top executive, Blatt helped both companies improve their services as well as attain substantial growth. Under his leadership, the two companies became leaders in their industry.

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