Bhanu Choudhrie — How the New ‘Digital First’ Post-Covid Economy Is Changing the Way We Innovate.

Bhanu Choudhrie says that the future of aviation will be digital-first, and it will be reliant on making better use of data to be more efficient and improve passenger safety. The aviation industry was slow to modernize to incorporate new technological changes but realized that digital is where the future of business lies.

It’s more expensive and difficult to use traditional flying methods now that most passengers use an app to book flights. “This is a traditional industry with huge opportunity,” Bhanu Choudhrie says. “We are talking about a new competitive landscape where both traditional and new competitors will have to evolve quickly and embrace technology.”

AAG’s Innovations in Training

Alpha Aviation Group has begun utilizing artificial intelligence and other new training technologies. These systems are capable of training pilots in an entirely new way. These systems can also give pilots instant feedback on their training and provide them with personal tips on how to improve their performance.

Artificial intelligence allows AI-powered virtual trainers to be very realistic and capable of offering hundreds of improvements on human feedback. The VR system provides pilots with real-time controls and feedback during simulations. According to Choudhrie, this training solution requires the pilots to be hyper-aware, mindful, and highly motivated.

COVID-19 and Aviation

Bhanu Choudhrie has been passionate about aviation ever since he was a child. He has flown many aircraft and has developed many of its systems. This has given him a distinctive perspective of a pilot-turned-entrepreneur who has watched the industry change over time.

“No one could have foreseen just how devastating the pandemic was,” says Choudhrie. “To say that it shocked everyone is putting it mildly. However, Alpha Aviation Group has learned from the mistakes that were made, and we have incorporated them into our approach.”

Digital-First Approach to Training

Bhanu Choudhrie: A traditional pilot training program typically takes around three years from start to finish. But AAG has been developing its proprietary, high-quality training program, delivered over the internet in a fraction of the time. AAG’s program is one of the market leaders for traditional and new pilots alike. AAG understands that pilot training has to be fast-paced so as not to lose interest in this life-changing career path.

The aviation industry is very competitive. However, providing high-quality education at all levels while meeting stringent FAA regulations required by law can help make their dream come true. That’s regardless of whether they are first-year cadets or airline captains looking for continuing ed credit hours.