George Soros Helps To Fund Underprivileged Companies And Individuals

An overwhelming impressive quantity of highly respected citizens, known in their hearts that the newly elected President, Donald Trump, is unworthy of holding the office of President. The most interesting bulk of evidence to come to this startling conclusion is the extreme amount of people that have concurred with this opinion, chief among them is Mr. George Soros. He personally has experienced the methods that are employed by true tyrants, such as Hitler.

George is from War-ravaged Hungary. When the Nazi forces invaded, his father was forced to split up their family. George’s father went so far as to acquire falsified documents declaring them to be Christians. He feared because they are Jews that they would all be killed, so he changed their surnames. George was born with the surname of Schwartz only later to be altered to Soros, an Esperanto word. George eventually evaded the evil eye of the Nazis and made it to London in the 1940’s. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

George studied economics and philosophy at college. His philosophy lessons showed him that society can achieve greatness if they allow their citizens to be free. This sincerely deep viewpoint changed George’s outlook on life, and he acquired his Master’s in Philosophy in 1952. George applied his economic and philosophy knowledge to assist him with becoming employed with Singer & Friedlander, the highly acclaimed brokerage firm. George began to buy securities from one country and selling it for a profit, to another country as a venture capitalist. Within a few short years, George had enough money to make it to New York. In 1961 he earned to become a genuine citizen of the country. After George was working for a great many Wall Street ventures, he opened up a hedge fund, the Soros Fund. Eventually the name was changed to become the Quantum Fund. George Soros had amassed such control over his wealth that he began to help other people, via a spectacular variety of philanthropic actions.

Through George’s company the Open Society Foundation, founded in 1984, he has provided a great many billions of dollars to those in need. His foundation’s desire is to benefit the need for education to citizens, provide medical assistance to those in need, and to fund the protection of civil liberties. He has also supplied charitable donations in the billions, as economic aid, to enterprises that were impoverished. Mr. Soros is quite frankly, extremely interested in helping out citizens that seek to take up the sword against injustice. His feelings against the war on drugs, is known worldwide. George believes that legal cannabis use has supported countless people with a large degree of health problems.

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Roberto Santiago’s Santiago Shopping Mall Is the Pace Setter in the Brazilian Malls Business

Robert Santiago is a Brazilian businessman and owner of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. Roberto was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa, the capital city of the state of Paraiba. Santiago Manaira Shopping was launched in 1989 and has one of the best architectural designs as well as the largest floor space in Joao Pessoa. Since its inauguration, the shopping mall has undergone five expansions aimed at accommodating the ever increasing population in the coastal city.

Roberto Santiago is no doubt among the most prominent entrepreneurs across Brazil. He is respected for his ability to take advantage of a business opportunity by investing in it and diversifying it to suit the demand of the region. Roberto has heavily invested in Santiago Manaira with respect to leisure and entertainment. These investments have complemented the beautiful natural beaches of Paraiba, attracting more visitors in the process and boosting the economy and social life of the local community.

The Facility at Santiago Manaira

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has a gross leasable area of over 75,000 M2, 280 stores, and 11 movie rooms. These video rooms are equipped with audio and visual display systems, including 3D display screens. That notwithstanding, the rooms have a complete stadium system with armchairs arranged in a way that ensures that all customers are comfortable and that they have a clear view of the screen.

The Santiago Manaira is fitted with modern and electronic slopes for bowling game lovers. Besides bowling, there are over 200 electronic game machines installed differently to suit the taste of all generations and genders. The hospitality department is divided into three different sections that include restaurants, hamburgers, and food courts with all having the best chefs in Brazil. The Santiago also has a concert hall, gym, and a college.

Unaffected by the Economic Crises

Unlike the other Brazilian sectors that were significantly affected by the recent economic crisis in Brazil, Shopping malls were not affected. The businesses’ annual earnings rose by 5 percent last year, with this figure expected to grow even more this year. The Santiago Manaira is among the biggest earners in the industry.

Re-Invention Plans

Northeast Brazil ranks second as the region with the most shopping malls. The mall managers in the region are confident of reaping big once the Brazilian economy stabilizes. Consequently, Santiago Marina is going to face stiff competition this year. However, the Santiago Manaira’s marketing manager, Ms. Rafaella Barros, revealed that the mall was in the process of being reinvented, a move aimed at helping it to keep competing at the highest levels. Visit to read more.