Citizen App Adds More Functionality For People’s Safety

Citizen App is similar to a police scanner app that people use to know what is going on in their area, only it incorporates other functions.

Citizen App now includes an ability to make sure that people know when they have to worry about severe weather, which kills people because of not knowing what is coming their way. This allows people to know far more than the police and fire issues that are happening in their local area. This gives people an even better idea of what they need to know to be safe in the user’s home area.

While there are many apps that people can turn to for knowledge of weather issues, Citizen App is one of those dedicated to all thing’s safety. The app utilizes information from the National Weather Service to handle cities that are part of the coverage area. The alerts happen in real time when events like tornadoes, flash floods, and other meteorological anomalies strike the users of the program. This is blended into software that covers all other emergency level issues, ranging from crimes to necessary governmental alerts like pandemic issues. This combination keeps people from being surprised when they are home.

Not many apps allow people to know why there are police helicopters are flying over their area or have a way to help track people who may have COVID-19. All of this is part of the Citizen App and is why it took time to be able to program in the new alert system for weather emergencies. While the program got off to the wrong start because of a misconception of the initial name, it is now one of the go to programs for people who what to know what is happening in their area. This is a program for consideration. Visit this page for additional information.


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