Cloud Inventory

DSIĀ® is a technology firm that majors in providing cloud-based inventory solutions. On 14th October 2020, the company announced the release of a new cloud inventory with much more potential to revolutionize the supply chain sector.

This robust innovation is deemed to give manufacturers and distributors the ability to efficiently control inventory and related processes to boost productivity, compliance, inventory tracking, and sales increase.

The new inventory system will now offer integration of Cloud Inventory solutions with the Salesforce customer relationship management platform. Salesforce is a cloud-based software firm that brings customers and firms together by providing customer relationship management services and complementary enterprise applications. Salesforces brings customers and companies together by assisting companies in activities, including marketing, sales, and commerce.

The integrated field inventory system will give users limitless power to track inventory, tools, and labor involved in service work in the field through an application compatible with mobile devices. The Field Inventory Management is the first mobile application cloud-based platform that allows firms to get real-time data about inventory in the field.

The cloud-based breakthrough also offers several exciting features which promote customer experience and an easier way to adapt to supply chain business activities. Cloud Inventory solution will offer robust standard apps for inventory optimization, warehousing, manufacturing, and field-related activities.

The standard applications possess easy configurations that users can operate without hiring skilled computer experts. In addition to the easy configurations, the applications have a perfect interface with insights dashboards to easily monitor and improve supply chain activities. These Inventory also allows Salesforce users to meet the customer’s demand for field services safely and promptly.

The collaboration between DSI and Salesforce brings about more success for companies relying on field services by providing inventory visibility and control at every point of the supply chain, starting from the warehouse to the field. Refer to this page for related information.


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