How Edgard Corona leads the Fitness Sector

Edgard Corona’s SmartFit group is the leader in the Brazilian fitness equipment market, with a presence of over 480 Gyms and serving 10 million users. Bio Ritmo has established great things in Latin America and around the world. Edgard Corona is one of the most successful entrepreneurs staying on top of your health, fitness, and investments.

Edgard Corona’s Career

Edgard Corona is a successful entrepreneur. He has always pursued his passion for sports. He was involved in the development of aerobics, a form of exercise that focuses on the sense of touch or kinetic movement. Bio Ritmo was started in 1996. It got instant success and has been described as a pioneer of aerobics in Brazil.

The company has over 800 schools in 32 countries. Edgard Corona is the owner of the group and the CEO. He’s a businessman who also has a passion for physical activity. He’s participated in many marathons and triathlons. Edgard Corona has founded the SmartFit group, which now operates in several countries.

Key Takeaway

Successful Entrepreneurs are not always born. They are made. What makes it happen is hard work and innovation. Of all of the millions of entrepreneurial jobs and business ideas, only a fraction of them succeed. And to get them to succeed, they have to be extraordinary people, more than just outstanding entrepreneurs. They have to combine great business acumen, a passion for achieving results, a drive to succeed, and innate natural ability.

Entrepreneurs may not come from another planet. But, to have the right combination, entrepreneurs need to understand the business cycles, what makes each one unique, and understand the needs of their customers and their competitors. Refer to this article to learn more.

Philanthropic Work

After completing his business career, Edgard started giving his time to work for the community. He has helped build homes, centers for rehabilitation centers for victims of abuse and sexual assault, schools, and after-school programs. Edgard works closely with URBEX-Brasil to build micro-cities and help communities in need. He also promotes the redevelopment of street soccer and works to build playgrounds in Brazil. He received the 2000 Social Capital Award for Entrepreneurship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.