John Ritenour And IOA Success Journey

John Ritenour used to be a hard-working person from a young age. His journey in business started as a steel mill worker then moved to an insurance company as a salesman. He was selling insurance from one door to the next one. In this insurance company, he performed very well, and this is where he gained the most skills that enabled him to open his own insurance company. John Ritenour founded the Insurance Office of America in 1988 as an insurance consulting and guiding company. Due to his hard-working, that’s why IOA is now dominant in the insurance market.

Insurance companies major a lot of their efforts in preparing, anticipating, and covering risks. For many years, IOA has provided great support to sports teams and partnered with them to make sure they perfume very well. Another great role IOA has been doing in the sports industry is to offer insurances to sports teams. Insurance coverage to sports teams has not been easy because you must know what the clubs and players need. Insurances companies like IOA must truly know the teams offering insurances to cover them from any potential danger.

The sports industry is growing rapidly. In 2018, the sports market was valued at $471 billion. Teams wanted to ensure they were secure within such a vast market, which opened doors for insurance companies. John Ritenour discovers such a gap and comes up with a sports insurance company. For these companies to grow, john Ritenour has partnered with many clubs such as Orlando magic, Washington Capital, Washington wizard, and many more.

In 2008, John Ritenour retired and handed over the CEO post of IOA to his son Heath Ritenour. He wanted to leave a father-son legacy. Heath Ritenour joined IOA as a producer, but after 12 years, he was among the insurance officials. He was not only a hard-working person but hard-working with productivity. At first, Heath did not want to be the CEO after his father retired, but later, he accepted because he knew he was the best for the post, and he wanted to keep his father legacy.

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